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  • Burkina Faso to Sierra Leone

    We would like to publicly announce that the EWB-DC Chapter has launched a new project with a partner community of Dumangbe, Sierra Leone! Dumangbe is a predominantly Muslim village in the Makpele Chiefdom of the Pujehun District; a Southeastern province of Sierra Leone. The community was heavily affected by the most recent Ebola crisis, recording … Read More

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Panama Project

One of the most impoverished indigenous groups in Central America, the Ngo be-Bugle live in remote mountain communities throughout Western Panama. Historically marginalized, they lack governmental support for infrastructure and development projects. Moreover, economic, environmental, and political pressures have eroded their indigenous way of life. The unique Ngo be-Bugle culture is rapidly disappearing and in danger of being lost forever. Learn more

El Salvador Project

Cantón Santa Clara, El Salvador, is a rural community comprised of approximately 400 households. The majority of community members live in poverty, engaging primarily in subsistence farming, growing corn, beans, and some livestock.

EWB-DC began engaging this community in 2004 to install an improved drinking water supply system. At the time, most residents relied on shallow wells to supply water for their households.  Learn more

Cameroon Project

Nestled in the mountains of the Cameroon’s Northwest region, the rural village of Mbokop is home to roughly 2,200 people from three primary tribes speaking three main languages, and following two major religions. The population of Mbokop is spread across five settlements. This diverse community primarily supports itself through subsistence farming and herding livestock, but lacks basic services such as safe drinking water, proper sanitation, and electricity. Learn more

Engineers Without Borders – Washington DC Professional Chapter

EWB-DC spreads both the vision and the mission of EWB-USA by partnering with disadvantaged communities to improve their quality of life through environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects. EWB-DC engages developing communities in resolving particular infrastructure needs that the community itself has identified. Projects include but are not limited to the design and construction of water distribution, waste-water treatment, sanitation, energy, and shelter systems. The overall objective of every project is to incorporate and train the community in all phases of the sustainable projects to ensure ownership, appropriateness and long-term effectiveness.

EWB involves professionals and students from a variety of professions including engineering, public health, anthropology, geology, business, communications, and graphic design. EWB-DC works together with EWB Student Chapters at Howard University, The George Washington University, and Catholic University to improve the quality of life in partner communities worldwide. Students are involved in every step of the process, enabling them to learn firsthand about solutions to the problems of the developing world.

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