November 19: Arrival in Bamenda

November 19: Arrival in Bamenda

Just a quick update that the team has arrived in Bamenda and are settled in their hotel — their last night on “real” beds for almost 2 weeks! They have procured Cameroonian SIM cards for their phones and should have decent (if sometimes spotty) cell phone reception until they reach Mbokop (where reception is available but only in a few locations). Tomorrow they’ll continue on the second leg of the overland portion of the trip to Mbokop. They’ll depart Bamenda in the morning, stop in Kumbo to pick up supplies, possibly make a second stop in Ndu for additional supplies, and then arrive in Mbokop to a warm reception.

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Kumbo and Ndu are two towns between Bamenda and Mbokop. Kumbo is about 3 hours from Bamenda, and Ndu is about another 3 hours from Kumbo. Mbokop is approximately 1-1.5 hours beyond Ndu. Since very few supplies are available in Mbokop, the team (actually Julius mostly) will be picking up many of the essentials that they will be using over the next 9-10 days. This includes food items such as flour, eggs, and vegetables and kitchen supplies such as cooking oil and soap.

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