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Become an EWB-DC Chapter Officer! Now accepting nominations!

Become an EWB-DC Chapter Officer! Now accepting nominations!


1 year term begins in October.  If you are interested in any position please send 1 paragraph about who you are and why you’re interested in the position to president@ewb-dc.org by OCT 14TH.


The EWB-DC President heads the chapter leadership committee in its vision to manage and expand chapter capacity to deliver impactful and sustainable projects and to provide the opportunity for the professional, educational, and personal growth of EWB-DC members. The president oversees all chapter operations and facilitates the functions of the leadership committee to ensure strong and balanced financial support for each of our programs, vet new project opportunities, promote programs, expand capacity, and ensure project quality and effective leadership continuity on project teams. The role involves interacting with EWB-DC members across projects, regional chapters, EWB staff at headquarters, and the DC area engineering and non-profit community.

Weekly time requirement: Varies widely; 2-8 hours typical


The EWB-DC Vice President has the responsibility of ensuring each project in the chapter has access to the resources it needs to be successful. He/she does this by corresponding with project leads, attending project meetings, and building relationships with each of the project teams to gain a high-level understanding of each project. As Vice President, you’ll be building lines of communication between projects and truly have your finger on the pulse of the chapter. Additional responsibilities include serving as the lead officer for various “special projects” such as planning for the annual gala.

Weekly time requirement: 1-2 hours


The EWB-DC Secretary currently enjoys acting as the chapter social media manager. Facebook updates are sent ahead of each team’s weekly or bi-weekly meetings to allow followers to stay updated on activity. Pictures from trips, fundraisers, and happy hours are posted periodically. Emails to the chapter are designed and sent via MailChimp and duties require 2-4 emails each month, most of which are updated templates. The chapter Secretary attends monthly chapter meetings as well as individual teams meetings whenever possible. The secretary position has been extremely beneficial to my professional development. Having a leadership role in an international engineering organization has generated many enticing conversations from industry professionals and leaders alike.

Weekly time requirement: 1-2 hours


As treasurer, primary monthly duties include reviewing and circulating financial statements received from the national office, and helping to reconcile inquiries that chapter members may have about expenses and/or grants and donations reflected on the statements. In addition, the treasurer must periodically (quarterly or biannually) run donation reports and reconcile any unclaimed donations with the various projects. The treasurer should attend monthly chapter meetings as well as quarterly chapter officer/project lead meetings. As a chapter office, the treasurer also has the opportunity to become involved in strategic decision making at the chapter level and spearhead new initiatives to benefit the chapter (ex. spearheading redesign of chapter website) and can become involved in other projects as desired (ex. annual gala planning).

Monthly time commitment : 3-4 hours