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2018 Is Underway! What Are We Looking Forward To This Year?

2018 Is Underway! What Are We Looking Forward To This Year?

The first month of 2018 is wrapping up and we’re already excited about what this year has in store for our chapter! For the last few years, EWB-DC has been home to three projects: Cameroon, Panama, and El Salvador. With the El Salvador project complete, we’re making some adjustments. First, we need to get accustomed to talking about El Salvador as our completed project (!). Second, we’re looking forward to what this dedicated and skilled project team will do next.

Currently, the El Salvador team is working through the EWB-USA process for identifying a new program. In order to ensure success, the team has identified the strengths of the Santa Clara, El Salvador program. They have identified three criteria for selecting a new program: a Spanish speaking country, a water related project, and strong local community leadership. In 2018, the team aims to select a new program to begin a new partnership.

Meanwhile, our Cameroon and Panama teams have high goals to drive their projects forward this year.

The Cameroon project is aiming to travel to Mbokop, the community site, at least once this year. In terms of construction, the project aims to complete installation of the pipeline from the existing storage tank to the town center, where it hopes to install two tap stands. After that, preliminary construction of the water system will be complete. The team will also continue working with community and its non-governmental (NGO) partners. This includes conducting focus groups with community members to collect information on the current water system and gauge the possibilities for the next project after it is complete. When the project team is not traveling, they’ll be focusing on completing the operations and maintenance manual for the community and continuing fundraising. Their project fundraising goal for this year is $15,000, which they will try to raise through grants, fundraising events, and individual donations.


The Panama project has goals for the year at the program level and at the project-specific level. At the program level, the team is aiming to raise $30,000, establish relationships with in-country partners, and update the baseline plan for monitoring and evaluation. The Panama programs has big plans for traveling–hoping to send up to five overlapping trips beginning in June (the team completed this in 2017 and it worked well) for construction of the library/tech center. The Panama project is divided into two projects: the library/tech center structure itself, and supplying the energy for the building. The goal this year is to have the library/tech center “framed in” and to develop an interior plan. Meanwhile, the goal is to begin implementation of the energy project, which includes obtaining the correct permits and sending up to two travel teams to the community.

Meanwhile, our chapter is focused on our Annual Gala that will be held on March 23rd–our largest networking, fundraising event of the year! Stay tuned for more details and purchase your tickets now–early-bird prices end on February 9th!

If you’re interested in getting involved in any of these projects or chapter activities, please reach out or attend a chapter or project meeting. All meeting times are available on the calendar. We look forward to working with you in 2018 and aim to keep you well-informed of the projects throughout the year.