Peru Trip 2 In the Books

Peru Trip 2 In the Books

Beginning August 10th, 2019, three members of the EWB Washington-DC Professionals chapter (EWB-DC) traveled to Shiringamazú, Peru. This trip lasted for 13 days and was the second assessment trip for this project. Commodiously speaking, the trip had three objectives. First, gather data. Second, understand the community’s water demand. Third, coordinating with community leaders to produce positive project status.

The gathering data activities included topographical measurements and well yield testing. The topographical data was collected by conducting an aerial drone survey. The potential location of a water catchment, wells, pumps, and storage tanks will all be determined using the topographical data. The well yield test was conducted in conjunction with a local contractor, Benjamin. The test well was pumped down at a rate of 20 L/min, for 2 hours. Aquifer replenishment was inadequate to replace the water draw-down, indicating alternatives need to be explored.

To further understand the community’s water demand, household surveys were conducted. The household surveys focused on the current water sources, quantity utilized, and associated health effects. The current water sources are a local stream, surface water, and household wells. These sources do not provide a sufficient amount of clean water for the community.

Coordinating with community leaders yielded important community commitments. Community leaders agreed to the EWB cost share structure. Members of the community will collaborate with contractors and EWB travelers to construct the project. Finally, the community made a commitment to water sanitation standards. The amalgamation of these factors allowed EWB-DC to give the project is a “Go” status!

Based on the variety and quality of data gathered during this trip, the travel team returned home with a job well done!