Cameroon Day 1

The travel team arrived in Douala last night and rested for a few hours. After that they promptly loaded up a van and headed to Bamenda. They have reported that the scenery is gorgeous and the mountains are impressive. Everyone has been kind and warm and they had a wonderful meeting with our partner NGO, HEDECS. They did experience a power outage during a rain storm during their HEDECS meeting, but that’s part of the experience! It sounds like they have filled in the remaining nooks and crannies of their vehicle with fresh fruits such as pineapples, bananas, guavas, and coconuts.

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Tomorrow is their last travel leg and they will stop in Ndu for brief meetings and then it’s onto Mbokop! They are a little exhausted from the travel (see maps in above slide show), but their excitement is keeping them going.

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4 thoughts on “Cameroon Day 1

  1. Hooray! You guys are doing great! Glad to see you made it okay and are under way. Get as much rest as possible and use the sunlight to reset your biological clocks. Melatonin helps, too, if you have it.

  2. Please tell Lisa that Damon is doing well. Also, we are so excited about what you guys are doing!

  3. It is so Wonderful to see your smiling face Lisa and its a great feeling to know you guys made it safely. it looks beautiful there and Hot! Lucky you, we are experiencing a high 45-50 degrees here in DC.

  4. As your travel winds down, I hope you had a successful and fulfilling trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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