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November 25: Update and Traveler Q&A requests

November 25: Update and Traveler Q&A requests

Stephanie was able to speak to Rachel on the phone today, so we have a lengthier update for everyone. Below are the bullets she wrote summarizing their conversation:

  • All are healthy and well but tired. The water team has to walk 1.5 hours each way, each day to Mangi so I think they are most tired.
  • The water team was able to leave a lot of their topographical surveying equipment in Mangi so they at least aren’t lugging that back and forth every day.
  • The water team is having a lot of community support on the topographical surveying. They have groups of people following them everywhere, helping take note and carrying bags and equipment. It’s great!
  • The teams are still behind but will work hard up until the last minute to finish everything on their to-do lists.
  • The team is getting a long great and having fun playing games and talking in their house at night.
  • There was a slight mishap with washing clothes so they have been wet for the past 2-3 days and without many clothes. It sounded like that was getting resolved today and it hadn’t rained so hopefully they now have dry clothes. The clothes are also “stretched” though now since they don’t have a dryer to shrink them so they are having to hike up their pants, etc. A funny fact that you wouldn’t necessarily think of!
  • Walky-talkies have been a tremendous help this trip.
  • Rachel saw a goat that was smaller than a chicken it was standing by–as she put it the chicken was rather large but the goat was pretty cute. She has a photo that we will hopefully get to see when she gets back.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask our travelers while they are still in Cameroon, please post them in the comments below. We’ll choose a few to pass along (cell phone coverage permitting) and post the answers here!

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