November 28: Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We heard again from our travelers today and they’re all missing their families but getting lots done in Mbokop! Tomorrow will be their last day in the village and Saturday morning they’ll start the two day journey back to Douala and eventually back to the US. Today we thank our travelers for giving up their holiday and their friends and family who have supported them through this trip!

3 thoughts on “November 28: Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. First of all. Thanks for all the updates and getting all this done despite all the difficulties. i would like to know how does the problems communicating properly with your team in Mbokop and affect your plans going forward? Also, what are you guys hoping to change or adjust in your planning going forward as you encounter all the current difficulties in Mbokop? Thanks

  2. We had similar difficulties on the last trip in March 2013, so it wasn’t entirely a surprise. On this trip one of the team members left her phone with a community member we trusted who lived in an area with good reception. The team checked on that phone at least once a day for messages. In general the best practice has been to be prepared, be patient, and be flexible. We prepare for project and safety concerns, we are patient with our community partners, and we stay flexible when the plan on the ground needs to be altered due to schedule, weather, or whatever may pop up. Thanks for your questions!

  3. I have to be honest with you. I’m pretty impressed with all you guys are doing. I’m originally from Cameroon, not from that region, but had been to similar regions, it’s not easy and I sincerely commend your efforts towards helping those communities who are in extreme need of help.

    Kudos to you all. Thanks.

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