Burkina Faso Project

Dierma, Burkina Faso

Dierma is a Muslim village in the Centre-Sud region of Burkina Faso with a population of roughly 3,500. The community includes spread-out clusters of family units, two schools, a small market center, a football “terrain”, several mosques, and a modest clinic. One of the central economic activities in the village is growing onions.

The challenge we’ll be working with the community to address is the construction of a bridge. The community previously had a vehicular bridge, but a flood washed it away in 2006 and it hasn’t been rebuilt. During the wet season (up to 5 months of the year), the streambed is impassable. Without a bridge, the community has to take an alternate route that is over twice as long.

What’s on the other side of the bridge? Across the bridge are key societal activities – emergency medical care, transportation to the country’s capital of Ouagadougou, and a market for buying and selling goods. Without the bridge, Dierma is isolated economically, medically, socially, and educationally. We’re looking forward to working with partner NGOs and the community to design and implement a community-driven solution to the challenge they face.

In February 2019, six volunteers from the Burkina Faso Team will travel to Dierma to meet with community members and local government officials, and begin collecting data that will allow us to design a repair or replacement for the old bridge.

Want to help? We’re always looking for volunteers familiar with developing international programs, conducting community needs assessments, bridge design, and an array of other expertise. Volunteers with all backgrounds and skill sets are welcome and encouraged to participate!

The team meetings are every other Tuesday evening and will be posted on the Chapter Calendar. New volunteers are invited to attend the project meetings or join the Chapter meeting for an overview.

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